Terms & Conditions

GATFire Ltd company registration number 07054359 registered office 15 Stock Road, Southend On Sea, Essex hereinafter referred to within these terms & conditions as “the Company”. The person, persons, firm or company who uses our website, orders products or services from the Company hereinafter referred to within these Terms & Conditions as “the Customer” or “the Customers”. The products or services provided by the Company to the Customer hereinafter referred to as “service” or “services”.

The Customer indicates they have received a copy of these terms & conditions and agree to be bound by them by paying a deposit to the Company. The Company indicates it agrees to be bound by these terms &conditions by accepting payment from the Customer.

The Company will confirm to the Customer in writing the nature and cost of the services to be provided prior to the payment from the Customer being accepted by the Company. When the company has completed providing the services, full payment by the Customer in the form of cleared funds will become due.

If whilst the Company is providing the original service to the Customer, the Customer requests the Company provides additional Services it may be necessary for the cost of additional services to be agreed between the Customer and the Company in a form of a verbally. When the company has completed providing the additional services, full payment by the Customer in the form of cleared funds will become due immediately.

Products are on occasion subject to availability, discontinuance or changes made by the manufacturer. Although the Company will use its best endeavours to ensure a product in its original form is available to provide services to the Customer within a reasonable period of time, the Company shall have no liability for any delays or cancellations caused by matters beyond its control.

The Customer will remove all obstructions and items of value from the area in which the Company will provide services prior to the services being provided. The Company shall have no liability to the Customer if in the opinion of the Company it becomes apparent at any time it is not reasonably practicable or safe to continue to provide services.

If the Customer cancels a previously agreed appointment for services to be provided by the Company giving less seven working days’ notice, the Company may charge the Customer a reasonable fee for any loss of earnings it incurs. If the Company is required to visit the Customer to resolve a Customer’s concern, should it become apparent the concerns are unfounded or caused by the Customer’s failure to follow instructions or guidance, the Company may charge the Customer a reasonable fee for its attendance.

Product supplied by the Company are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, where applicable it is the Customers responsibility to register their product warranty with the manufacturer. The Customer agrees to operate the product at all times in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. The Company warrants the installation service it provides to the Customer shall be performed using reasonable skill and diligence to be of a quality conforming to generally accepted industry standards and practices. The Company will not be liable for damage to products, chimney systems or property caused by the Customer failing to operate products in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

Concerns regarding the service provided by the Company should be submitted to the Company in writing within fourteen days of the provision of services. Products provided to the Customer by the Company as part of its provision of services will only become the property of the Customer following the Company receiving full payment from the Customer. If the Customer fails to make payment to the Company when due the Customer will pay interest on unpaid amounts to be calculated at a rate of one percent per month above Bank of England base rate from the date due until the date of payment and all recovery costs incurred by the Company.

The Company is registered with the Information Commissioners Office in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Customer information will be stored securely in compliance with the terms of the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Customer information will remain confidential and will not be sold or shared with third parties unless required to do so by law. Customer records will be confidentially destroyed after six years of the Company providing the service to the Customer.

These terms & conditions form the entirety of the agreement and understanding between the Customer and Company. These Terms & Conditions can only be amended with the mutual written consent of the Customer and a director of the Company. Nothing within these Terms & Conditions are intended to, nor shall confer any rights on a third party. Should any part of these Terms & Conditions become unenforceable, this unenforceability shall have no effect on the enforceability of any other part of these Terms and Conditions. The company and the customer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.