Package 8 £1699 plus VAT

Dean Stoves - Huccaby 5


Output 5kw


Height 785mm

Width  565mm
Depth  290mm


Multifuel or woodburner

Efficiency 80.60%


(DEFRA kit and 8 colour options available for additional cost)

Titus 5 Inset


DEFRA Approved  


Output 5kw - Efficiency 80%


Height 645mm

Width  593mm




Available with three sided trim to sit on the hearth

Dean Stoves

Croft Slimline 5 Clearburn


DEFRA Approved


Output 5kw - Efficiency 81.60%


Height 635mm

Width  585mm

Depth  330mm


Woodburner only

Dean Stoves

Croft Small 8 Clearburn


DEFRA Approved


Output 8kw - Efficiency 76.4%


Height 635mm

Width  585mm

Depth  390mm


Woodburner or multifuel option 

Firebelly FB T1


Ouput 4kw


Height 482mm

Width  476mm

Depth  318mm 


(17 colour options available at additional cost)


Woodburner only 


Stovax Huntingdon 25


DEFRA Approved


Output 4.9kw - Efficiency 78%


Height 590mm 

Width  452mm

Depth 357mm




gothic door or plain door options



Stovax Stockton 8


Output 8kw - Efficiency 81%


Height 620mm

Width  603mm

Depth  366mm




(options available for additional cost - 3 colour options, double door, low canopy or high canopy) 



Stovax View 5


Output 5kw


Height 518mm

Width  435mm

Depth  303mm


Efficency up to 85%

Stovax View 8


Output 8kw


Height 572mm

Width 563mm

Depth 363mm


Efficiencey: up to 81%



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Leigh on Sea,                    
Essex, SS9 2SW               

tel. 01702 715161
The Old Nursery
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Kent, TN17 2HT
tel. 01580 720733
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