Package 6 £1499 plus VAT

DEAN STOVES DARTMOOR 5W- Output 5kw Height: 640mm Depth: 290mm Width: 565mm Efficiency: 80.6%

Yeoman Exe - (choice of single door, double door, flat top or canopy top) Output: 4.9kw Height: 520mm Depth: 310mm Width: 600mm Efficiency: 78% net (wood)

Hamlet Cambourne Delux Compact Output: 5kw Height: 505mm Depth: 377mm Width: 394mm Efficiency: 68% : Multifuel Capable

Yeoman Devon (single door, double door, flat top or canopy top options) - Output: 9kw Height: 560mm Depth: 350mm Width: 600mm Efficiency: 81% net (wood)

Carron Dante Enamel (Colour choice: Red, Blue, Cream, Black, Green) Output: 5kw Height: 610mm Depth: 365mm Width: 420mm Efficiency: 76.9% (wood) : Multifuel Capable

Hamlet Cambourne Delux Small - Output: 5kw Height: 530mm Depth: 386mm Width: 477mm Efficiency: 66% : Multifuel Capable



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Leigh on Sea,                    
Essex, SS9 2SW               

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The Old Nursery
The Common
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