Package 12 £2099 plus VAT

Stovax Chesterfield 5 ECO 




5kw output 


Height:  614mm
Width : 472mm
Depth: 397mm


Stovax Sheraton 5 ECO




5kw output 


Height 615mm
Width 472mm
Depth  372mm

Stovax Huntingdon 25


DEFRA Approved


Output 4.9kw - Efficiency 78%


Height 590mm 

Width  452mm

Depth 357mm




gothic door or plain door options



Dean Stoves Baker 5 Plus


DEFRA Approved


Output 5kw - Efficiency 82%


Height 900mm

Width  430mm

Depth  285mm




(8 colour options available for additional cost) 



Baker 5 Plus Datasheet

Dean Stoves Croft Large


Output 12.5kw - Efficiency 72.90%


Height 685mm

Width  725mm

Depth  520mm


Woodburner or multifuel

Dean Stoves Dartmoor 5 Wide 


Output 5kw


Height 640mm

Width  565mm

Depth  290mm


Efficiency: 80.6%


Dartmoor W5 Datasheet 

Dean Stoves Dartmoor 8


Output 8kw


Height 640mm

Width  565mm

Depth  343mm 


Efficiency 74.9%

Dovre 250 Ivory White Enamel


DEFRA Approved  


Output 5kw - Efficiency 77%


Height 560mm

Width  450mm

Depth  365mm


Multifuel only 

Firebelly FB1 black


(shown in silver for guide only)


Output 6kw


Height 605mm

Width  522mm

Depth  422mm


Woodburner only


17 colour options available for additional cost 

Nordpeis Bergen


Output 5kw


Height 650mm

Width  545mm
Depth  390mm



Stovax Chesterfield 5

Widescreen ECO 

Woodburner or multifuel option 

5kw output 

Height: 702mm
Width: 581mm
Depth: 357mm

Stovax Stockton 11


Single or double door option


Mmultifuel option available at additional cost  

11kw output

Height 678mm
Width 723mm

Depth 403mm



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Leigh on Sea,                    
Essex, SS9 2SW               

tel. 01702 715161
The Old Nursery
The Common
Kent, TN17 2HT
tel. 01580 720733
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