Oakleaf Farrow Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stove
Oakleaf Farrow Wood Burning & Multi fuel Stove
Supplied and Installed
£999 +vat
5kw output
DEFRA approved for smokeless areas
Large glass flame picture window
Built in air wash
Steel body & cast iron door
British quality assurance certified
5 year stove body warranty

The Home of Affordable Wood Burning Stoves and Multi Fuel Stoves

Introducing the latest addition to the Oakleaf Collection: The Farrow. This contemporary styled 5kw wood burning and multifuel burning stove offers both cost-effectiveness and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for modern homes. Endorsed by DEFRA for use in Smoke Control Areas, The Farrow combines practicality with style.

Featuring a large portrait viewing window, The Farrow showcases a mesmerizing flame and a comforting, warming glow, enhancing any living space with its captivating presence. Crafted with smaller spaces in consideration, the Farrow 5kW Stove combines traditional charm with modern functionality.

Its design is tailored to seamlessly fit into standard builder's openings, making it an ideal choice for compact rooms. With its classic yet contemporary aesthetic, the Farrow effortlessly blends into various settings, whether modern or traditional.

This versatile model boasts clean lines and a flexible design, offering compatibility with a range of interior styles. Equipped with two sliders, the Farrow 5kW provides precise control over the primary air intake and secondary air wash, allowing users to tailor the stove's performance to their preferences.

Oakleaf Stoves are based in Aylesford Kent. They have been a trusted name in the wood burning and multi fuel stove industry for over 25 years.