Will Wood Stoves be Banned in 20 Years ?

Alarmist media reports predicting the Government were considering banning wood burning stoves, were completely contradicted by the Government in January when it published its Environmental Improvement Plan 2023. The plan explains how the Government intends to improve the environment and build a greener more prosperous country over the next 20 years.

The Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 consists of 262 pages covering numerous topics including domestic heating. On the subject of wood burning stoves the Government's plan clearly states “We are not considering a ban on domestic burning in England. The UK government recognises that some households are reliant on solid fuel burning as a primary source for heating, hot water and cooking, with this in mind government is not seeking to ban burning.”

Therefore, the Government appears to have confirmed in writing for the next 20 years wood burning stove owners can rest easily. But could wood burning stoves be banned in 20 years time?

Currently around 1.5 Million households in the UK use wood burning to heat their homes. These 1.5 Million homes are lived in by around 3.5 Million potential voters who are very unlikely to vote for a Government who wants to stop them being able to heat their homes in the way they choose.

It is estimated 190,000 new households are installing wood burning stoves every year. If this trend continues and the existing households who already burn wood do not stop, in 20 years time around 12.8 Million potential voters will live in wood burning households. Such massive voting power could make it impossible for any Government to ever consider banning wood burning stoves.