Q:  Are they banning stoves and fires?

A:  No, not at all. The new legislation states however that all new stoves or fire sales from 2022 do need to be EcoDesign models


Q:  Do I have to buy an EcoDesign stove now?

A:  No - until 2022 you can continue to sell to your customers from the full spectrum of products available only from January 2022 will you need to ensure these are EcoDesign models

DEFRA smoke control approved appliances can still presently be installed anywhere in the Country.


Q: Are they banning the burning of wood or solid fuels?

A:  The Strategy does intimate at a ban of certain fuels ie., high suplphur content house coals and wet wood, favouring an educational approach to consumers to use more efficient "ready to burn" wood fuels


Q:  Can I keep using my existing stoves?

A:  Yes - the Clear Air Strategy does not say there will be a ban of the use of wood or multifuel appliances, nor do customers need modify their appliances. Recommendations however should be made to burn quality dry "ready to burn" wood or quality smokeless fuels.


Q:  Do I have to buy woodsure ready to burn fuel?

A:  No, customers can still buy or gather their own unseasoned wood but they must be eductated to ensure it has had time to season and has a moisture content no more than 20% before burning


Q: Are products going to be specially taxed?

A:  No there is nothing in the 2019 Clear Air Strategy indicating special taxation of either EcoDesign or non EcoDesign products.


Q:  Is it true that wood burning is one of the major contributing factors to poor air quality

A: It is important to remember that the reported figures out there are including the large proportion of open fires and older stoves (40% Nationwide 70% in London).  In comparrison, an EcoDesign stove gives off 90% less particulate emissions than open fire and 80% less than a 10 year old stove and form a core part of the Clean Air Strategy.


Q:  What does EcoDesign mean?

A:  Any product bearing the EcoDesign ready lable meets or exceeds forthcoming stringent EU targets   for emissions, these products are the next generation of clean burning, low emissions fires, and as such have been recognised as a key part of the Clean Air Strategy by DEFRA. EcoDesign stoves and fires are being supported by the Mayor of London as a positive move towards air quality


Q: Does the legislation affect the sale of open fires and fireplaces?

A:  Yes - open fires and fireplaces will no longer be able to be sold as solid fuel heating appliances






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